To connect this graphical user interface web-page to your Flea-Scope:
  1. be sure you are using a Chromium-based web browser that supports WebUSB and/or Web Serial
  2. plug Flea-Scope's micro-USB connector into your computer, tablet, or phone, using a USB data cable
    • LED e1 (blue) should blink at 2Hz for 2 blinks, and then settle to a 1Hz blink while Flea-Scope is idle
  3. click or tap the "Start Connect" button above to authorize web browser access to a selected USB device
    • the web browser will open a WebUSB or Web Serial dialog box
    • you should see your Flea-Scope device listed in the WebUSB or Web Serial dialog box
  4. click or tap the desired Flea-Scope USB device or serial port (or customized hostname) to select it!
  5. finally, click or tap "Connect" to confirm the selected Flea-Scope USB device!