rtestardi’s GitHub Pages sites

Calchemy Units Calculator – Calchemy™ – Math Magic

Dimensional Analysis 101 – an introduction to dimensional analysis for students and engineers

Flea-Scope™ User’s Guide – Flea-Scope™ – a low-cost and easy-to-use 18 Msps USB oscilloscope and logic analyzer

flea-scope.html – Flea-Scope™ Graphical User Interface! (experimental, manual)
stickos-basic.html – Flea-Scope™ StickOS® BASIC Deep Dive User Interface!
video introduction – very rough preliminary video introduction to Flea-Scope™
build instructions – full build instructions, gerbers, firmware, etc., for Flea-Scope™ on, 2nd place contest entry
toaster.pdf – Build a Simple Toaster Oven Temperature Profile Controller using Flea-Scope™
simon.pdf – Build a Simple-Simon Game using Flea-Scope™
mfe.pdf – Microcontrollers For Everyone! (Lowering the barrier to entry to useful microcontroller development)

StickOS Website – StickOS® BASIC – an entirely MCU-resident patented interactive programming environment

quickref.v1.90.pdf – StickOS® BASIC Quick Reference Guide (v1.90)
stickos.v1.90.pdf – StickOS® BASIC User’s Guide (v1.90)
2nd place contest entry video – from the Freescale “Can Your Badge Do This?” contest